Commonwealth Responders Progress Update – A Fallout 4 mod (March 2020)

Hello everyone and a couple weeks ago I showed you everything there was to know about my newest Fallout 4 mod, The Commonwealth Responders. However …

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8 thoughts on “Commonwealth Responders Progress Update – A Fallout 4 mod (March 2020)

  1. since the Responders are known for being interested in medicine you could make a quest about tracking down a missing researcher trying to find or make a cure for the FEV or New Plauge/Limit 115
    I would also love a dirty SVD-63 w/ a PSO scope or a slightly reworked model of the Handmade rifle to look like a wasteland SVD-63

  2. You asked for suggestions, well ,what about different colour wood textures for the axe handle ,& maybe A bright yellow fiberglass, or polymer style . And for the hunting rifle ,different wood textures as well as maybe something more modern like the Ratslayer(Mini-14) from Fallout NV .
    Also ,maybe A legendary of each ,with their own custom skins ,hidden in the world with A clue to where we might find them ,or A small quest at A certain level . Some custom ,short range sights for the hunting rifle ,for A more mid-range style. I like to make A scout-sniper type rifle ,with the short barrel & red dot sight . But something like an ACOG would be cool . Also ,let us have ballistic weave ,addable legendary ,& +1 to stats ,like Agility & strength to the fireman outfit ,for example . Backpacks for the Army outfit . Sandbag placeables ,like different size barriers . I love your stuff brother, so with or without my ideas ,I'll be downloading this . Take care my friend ,& don't get sick ,we'd miss ya .✌🀝

  3. Although Americans are quite corrupt I do love the land, and how we have desserts, forests, tundras, winter forests, tropical areas, and regular spring areas all in one country which makes it perfect for fallout.

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