FALLOUT 4: How To Find The SICK Nuka Cola Power Armor!

I need this IRL.
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– MrMattyPlays

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21 thoughts on “FALLOUT 4: How To Find The SICK Nuka Cola Power Armor!

  1. next to the terminal there is a note from someone named Casey saying they are going to the roof, then if you go to the roof you can find Casey's password and use it to unlock the terminal

  2. With all the Fallout 4 DLC installed…

    Imagine if DLC wasn't a thing and all of that content was included in the $60 price tag.

    Settlement mode wouldn't be so bad with all the Workshop DLC installed.

    The quests would be plentiful if you combine Automatron, Far Harbor and Nuka World along with the base game quests.

    Can't I just reach Level 25 then "unlock" Far Harbor or whatever…

    Fallout 4 would have been "Near Perfect" 😉


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