Fallout 76 Awesome Camps Showcase Episode 7 Swimming Pool, XP Farms & More!

Here’s another Awesome Camps Showcase! This one has a camp with its own swimming pool, a couple XP Farms and a shop! Shoutout to Jug! Check out his YouTube channel too!
Thanks for watching!
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29 thoughts on “Fallout 76 Awesome Camps Showcase Episode 7 Swimming Pool, XP Farms & More!

  1. Heh… Your first video's at camp floating rock. That's a hotly contested spot on PC, I often have to server hop 2-3 times before I can place my base. Both the upper and lower pools are frequently built on.

    Those XP farm base camps aren't "helpful" they're fucking annoying. "Oh, here's a pack of..olh, no, they're all dead, you lost out on your legendary drops." I fully support people who fucking nuke bases like his, orbital them. "Just tagging them" in my experience, I get MAYBE one kill in ten before some assholes base takes em out. Personally I just server hop when some self centered kill stealing douche has one set up there, but….

  2. Like everyone else love the pool build and the shop at ws is a great idea, will be spending my caps there. The turret camp at ws is definitely getting griefed, selfish players like that who steal everyones xp deserve it.

  3. Having a base at the whitesprings is crap and you promoting it is just awful. You just lost you a subscriber. Shaking my head from side to side. It is a problem

  4. What I do not like about the bases at WS back door is that when the base owner is not there the turrets still kill everything, but the owner doesn't get XP because they are not there. But the turrets still take others XP away from them and also since you cannot tag fast enough the turrets also take away others Legendary drops. Plus the bases are noisy as heck. I think it is only people who are concentric all in self that do these bases. In other words selfish jerks.

  5. Am I the only one that likes it when people build their camp right at White Springs? Those turrets aren’t only working for them, they are working for me too. Tag and turrets bag.

  6. Only problem I've had with the turret farm bases at whitesprings is that they kill the Ghouls too fast for most players to tag them, and trying to tag Ghouls attacking their barricade often gets you a bounty!

  7. Love the pool build. The white spring one is a bit annoying, but hey jumping servers can sort that. Love the idea of the sharing things though, I often have good 1star stuff that I just leave by vault 76, but some of its lvl 50 and I'm like no noobs ever gonna pick this up. A way of sharing stuff with high lvl players is great.

  8. Ok yes i don't like that kind of camp at the golf course and i hope the dude who made this camp is reading this because i want to suggest that if you have your camp here then you should have a switch that turns the turrents on and off. Because when i fast travel to the golf course i spawn in front of it and then the turrents kill a 1/4 of the enemies before anything can even load in and then when i get inside half of the enemies are already dead.

  9. I dont know how this huge big houses can be build…..
    I have one Garage door, one kontermine shower, 6 Steel wals, 2 energie pylons, 3 work benches, stash Box, 6 foundations and my Build Budget is on the limit. Has anyone an idea whats wrong with my Build is? My Charakter lvl is 144
    Greetz Andi

    I forgot my big fusion Generator

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