Fallout 76 | Yes, really | Part #24

I’m playing #fallout76 (now in co-op) out of morbid curiosity for the most part. Let’s see what this train wreck is really like!

Thank you for watching! I post videos daily about gaming from my six nights a week stream at fliksgamingstuff on twitch. I also play many miniatures based nerd games here on Youtube on my other channel Flik’s Tabletop Gaming.

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3 thoughts on “Fallout 76 | Yes, really | Part #24

  1. Heres a choice for ya, there's a quest called the order of mysteries its fallout 76's best quest, but the gear is only useful before level 45ish. So the choice is do you want to do 76 best quest when you start to get bored and save the best quest for last, or get good lower level gear that you'll use for a bit.

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