23 thoughts on “Lobos Plays Fallout 4 (Pt. 9)

  1. 3:44:24 It really bothers me he didn't continue searching for all of the Star Cores to unlock that special blue power armor in Nukaworld (well it's locked away in some industrial building, I forget what it's called). He only had 4 or 5 left to find. Hopefully he goes back and finds them at some point in this video or part 10 (which I think is his last video of this playthrough).

  2. 3:25:52 I can't believe he one-shotted that Feral Ghoul Reaver. In Fallout 3, with even end game stats (with high strength and melee perks), Feral Ghoul Reavers are tanky bastards and do so much damage.

  3. 2:24:54 He glanced over that not but didn't read it. That really grinds my gears. I love little notes left around locations by npc's. Especially if they're from before or right around when the bombs dropped (that note was called "They hit Boston").

  4. 1:58:06 That fight against Oswald the Outrageous reminds me of fighting Dragon Priests in Skyrim (bare with me). Oswald uses a lot of "magic", can heal himself a lot, and can summon (un)dead enemies to fight for him.

  5. You switched to the super sledge halfway through the video but you didn’t look at the upgrades for citos slugger

    I think you can get it up to like 500 something damage because of the nuka world dlc upgrades

    But the most powerful melee weapon is the sledge hammer also because its the rocket powered upgrade from the nuka world dlc

    In short nuka world adds a crazy powerful rocket upgrade to the sledge hammer and baseball bats that would be criminal to ignore

  6. i havent had the slightest urge to replay this game since my first playthrough lol. i spent 200 hours on Fallout 3 but this one was so forgettable. better than FO76 though so its not all bad. but then again a hot dump would be better than FO76

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