They're BACK – Where do Floaters Come From?

In this video we go over everything we know about floater in the fallout universe. Let me know in the comments if I missed anything.

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29 thoughts on “They're BACK – Where do Floaters Come From?

  1. ain't really about whats easy, when they made the games,all the "expensive" or "taxing animations" would be used on more "notable" creatures, like mr handys, rad scorpions, deathclaws, or even world animations.
    complex rigs also require complex models, some requiring more "faces" or vertexes to allow for arms to avoid stretching when they are moved. Sometimes it get really difficult when something like a sea urchin needs to be "skinned" what that means is attaching the model to the skeleton, sometimes when doing this a lot of the time the model or the rigging doesnt work out well or even breaks entirely.
    i get why they didn't add them from a time standpoint, would've been another paycheck and another work day, and thats a lot of money when you have to pay texture artists, concept artists, riggers, animation artists, renders and even coding it into the game.

  2. The two floaters that were constantly shown at the Watelanders trailer, look like aliens to me represent the Flatwoods Monster with out the armor. If you kill a Flatwoods Monster and you see it carefully it is 80% like the two floaters shown in the trailer. So we maybe have two new creatures here classic floaters and alliens.

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