THIS Is Why Bethesda Removed BOTTLECAP MINES From Fallout 76

Today let’s go over the reasons as to why Bethesda removed Bottlecap Mines from Fallout 76. This video covers all of the glitches and secrets surrounding Bottlecap Mines.

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When I’m gone by LiQWYD
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24 thoughts on “THIS Is Why Bethesda Removed BOTTLECAP MINES From Fallout 76

  1. ATTENTION: A couple think I duped the Bottlecap mines you see in the video. That is false.
    This was taken during the Halloween event where there was 15+ people around. I don't know who was doing it.
    If you don't play on PC this may seem "shocking" but for PC players we've been bombarded with items everywhere for weeks now.

  2. i didn't know these things were more lucrative than just duping them and blowing them up lol! i'm so behind, man… great vid! heard they did a hotfix to prevent the duping of thrown items today, izzat true? i'm at work so i can't check…

  3. On ps4 is you threw one and disarmed it and picked it back up you learnt the plan. I did so and had a few in my stash + knew the plan to craft them. After patch 12 (im pretty sure it was that patch) they were just mysteriously removed from my stash and the plan to make them was gone and i could no longer craft.. What a snallyghaster spit explosion in a box of shooting targets. Bethesda need to get their beavers and presidents sorted.

  4. The first time I saw someone duping bottlecap mines was near the Whitespring train station. The mines were actually dropping from the hose of the nearby water tower. I later found out that the duper used the cooking station to clip into the water tower.

  5. This game is making great strides in ruining video game culture and industry. These companies are going to continue to get worse as long as people keep buying their products.

  6. To be honest I forgot bottle cap mines are in fallout 76 you'd think that Bethesda would fix the known issues causing major frame rate issues and server crashes long ago

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